Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adventure Cat Sally

Sally chased a leaf but it flew into the pool. What's a kitty to do? (And yes, we know we have issues with the saggy pool liner. But who among us DOESN'T have saggy skin with water behind it? I admit it freely! )

Been a busy weekend here. Best accomplishments: cleaning out my closet and getting rid of some old things I know I will never wear again; getting two 3-mile walks in; watching the movie National Treasure (the second one); and the yummy steak filet that J-Bear cooked tonight.

Not so accomplished: Told Babygirl I would help her make wedding maps. OMG, has anyone priced these things online? Uh, what? $250 for 100 printed maps? I don't THINK so. I can do Photoshop, surely I can make maps! However, it has been tricker than imagined and very time consuming. Draft one down and e-mailed to the bride-to-be, and I'm SURE there will be suggested changes. :)

This week will be a dentist visit, a trip to a greenhouse to help decide on plants/flowers for an upcoming conference at work (table decorations, dontchaknow), get some meeting books done for my side job that they won't let me resign from, get Sarah her sausages, and find someone to watch the kittens! My big plan was to put them in for de-claw (and spay, in Sally's case), but everywhere seems to be booked over the 4th.

And speaking of Sarah, she gave me a blog award, so now my mission tomorrow is to also read it more closely and see what I have to do. Also, go through that book list she posted and see how many I have read!

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