Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

It was Spamalot night! Too funny! The core family of me, John and Babygirl had a night at the theater to see Spamalot. None of us had seen it before, but we thought we knew what to expect. Lots of fun, very campy, and catapulted cows. We recommend it highly. Most of the best Monty Python jokes are in it and very well done. Of course, I always tell everyone that I'm living my own Monty Python episode and, once they meet John, they understand what I mean by that!

Cheers for now ya'll.
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BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL yep I understand totally having met John!

G would enjoy this too, I am a touch young for MP! ;-)

BritGal' Sarah said...

I've tagged ya but feel free to ignore - see my blog!