Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Angel Baby

I had the opportunity to take lots of photos of this angel baby last weekend at the car show. I believe her name is Jaycie and she is the grand-daughter of some work friends of John. Anyway, the original has her walking in the sand pit with other kids playing in the background. But I thought the way she was walking just called for some angel wings and a fairy tale setting. So I supplied one!

Am home today getting ready for a little medical thing tomorrow, so had plenty of time to play with my dear friend Photoshop! Awww, for more adorable subjects like this! Here's the straight-out-of-camera shot that I pulled from. The castle is a stock photo and the daisies are from my vacation to England last summer!

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BritGal' Sarah said...

Wow wonderful job on the piccie, hope it goes ok tomorrow :-)

Kay said...

I see that you are a master of Photoshop. I'm still learning.