Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get a Room!

Well once again I delve deep into the Picasa archives for blogging material. Just haven't had time to get around to doing anything new and interesting except work, work, sleep, and work. So here is a photo of the Adventure Cats from around February, I think. Still fairly little, both of them. But this one photo sums up the nature of the relationship between these two. And MG is an obsessive boyfriend. He can't NOT know where Sally is for more than a few minutes.

And if I have posted this before, please forgive me. Weak on material lately! However, next weekend is the big trip to see Britgal Sarah and her hubster, and her mum, so should have lots of fun journaling to do and new photos to put up!

Cheers for now ya'll.
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BritGal' Sarah said...

Now those would be photo shopped piccies you're talking about - right?

dlyn said...

well I am new to your blog, so I haven't seen it before - very cute kitties!

Janet said...

Me and my buddy. Lovely photo,Pam.