Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sally fights back

Adventure Cats in the yard today .... oh yes, that's Sally chasing M.G. Just when you feel sorry for her because he pounces on her day in and day out, you find out that she can instigate just as much. Caughter her in the act this morning.

Meanwhile, after two days of torture going through a colonoscopy, I'm taking an easy day and am loving the quiet (except for the sounds of running cats and the occasional meowyelp when things get a bit too rough). May have to go on a photo expedition later.
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Natalie said...

Hello there pamokc. Reverend Natalie, here...I took a wrong turn on my blog and instead of posting a new blog, I brought up the page of "a new blog." Yours!

Are you in Britain, now? I am in Ontario, Canada...this www thing still has me in awe of just plain folks like us, reading and "talking to" just plain folks.

As for quiet times after tortueous times...Amen! Maybe you'd check out my blog sometime and give me a holler back.

Sending good thoughts to you and yours, pamokc, from M.O.M*
*Minister Of Morale


Kay said...

Thank you so much for coming to my blog and giving me some lovely moral support. I have to agree with you about endocrinologists (mine, anyway). Good grief! I loved my ENT and told him that the endocrinologist he sent me to was not all that great. Unfortunately, he said there just weren't many endocrinologists around in our area. Ah well. It's OK... for now. When we move to Hawaii, I'll get another one any way. It really does help knowing somebody else who went through the same thing.
I really enjoyed looking at your blog. Congratulations on the book publishing. That is truly a wonderful accomplishment. I'm so proud for you.

Kay said...

Oooops! How embarrassing. I just read more closely and saw that the book publishing was about a friend of yours. That's what I get for reading too quickly. Well, I'm very happy for your friend. I just figured you were so good at writing that it was your book. Sigh. As the young folk say, "My bad."

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hey you! Wow Sally looks like a tiger with all those stripes and that attitude!