Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another MEME. I copied this one from The Troll. I'm not going to tag anyone either, so if you want to copy and post your own, feel free!

This is Aunty Belle's 8 Things You Want to Do Before You Die Meme, sort of a blogger bucket list.

My Eight Answers are:

1) See U2 in concert and maybe meet Bono in person :)
2) Actually be my driver's license weight ;)
3) Travel extensively in Europe with a dollar that is worth something.
4) Have enough money so I didn't HAVE to work, but could work if I wanted.
5) Have enough money so I could go around and pay off people's mortgages.
6) Get my boobs put back "up where they belong" ;)
7) Write a wonderful best selling novel! (yahuh, like that will ever happen)
8) Get the husband a fully functional, all utilities included, garage-style workshop. Would love to be able to get him this.

That's it for me. Anyone else? If so, leave a message so we can come see!

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The Troll said...

Excellent answers. And it was nice that you thought of hubby on number 8. Come to think of it, number 6, as well. Grrherhahahhaha

Donna said...

These are Wonderful answers!! Have a great weekend!!hughugs

Janet said...

Great answers, Pam. LOL