Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fairy Wings

Just felt a little like doing some fairy wings tonight, so pulled up a photo of great-niece Krista while we were having her try on junior bridesmaid dresses. Changed the background and used a brush to add in fairy dust and butterflies. It is a cool butterfly brush in that it doesn't place the butterflies where you think they will go. It is very random. Then ran an action to bump up the colors and add a bit of tone to the pic and here's the result. I heart fairy pics.

Otherwise, a quiet day around the house. Had a spell of not feeling so great this afternoon and I'm going to blame it on the thousand degree temperatures outside. John watched his race while I napped on the sofa, and I left the laundry for another day. All in all, a good day indeed.
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Sharon Ellery said...

What a gorgeous photo. Fairies rule!