Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Husband's Driving History

Okay, this is just too funny. John ran across an old friend's name on a British site called "Friends Reunited," so we sent him a message a day or so ago. Today came the reply. This one e-mail sums up just about EVERYTHING that anyone he knows from his previous life talks to me about and just about this subject only. Maybe you will be as amused as I was with this e-mail from a guy named Simon (but he calls himself Jeff, you figure it out). Anyway, here's the important part:

Well I'll be! You would not believe this, but I was thinking about you the other day and trying to determine ways of getting in touch. I have recently been in contact with a few of the guys that I did my apprenticeship with all those many years ago and that brought back memories of driving to Hatfield with you! I still have to take tablets but the nightmares are subsiding a bit now. I will never forget the time that you had that old blue pick up truck and you cornered one of the roundabouts in Colney Heath, only for the drivers seat to part company with the floor and for you to end up sprawled across me still trying to steer round the roundabout .... Happy days! .... Jeff

Here's a summary of some of the many conversations we have had with friends in England:

"Remember that time you ran off the road in (wherever) and called me to come haul you out of the ditch?"

"Remember the time that you skidded off the road and almost ended up in the moat at Castle Hill?"

"Remember the time you zipped past all the guys in the hangar doing wheelies on the motorbike before you clocked in?"

"Remember the time that we were all in (whoever's) old van on our way to Spain for holiday and the back door broke open and you had to hang on to (???) or else slide out the back?"

"Remember that one car you had (quality car, that was) that was rusted all the way through in the floor boards? Bloody Fred Flintstone, it was"
(Note: He actually had me convinced that this was a hot car until his friends put me straight. It was a Scirocco. I thought it was a Celica, but I have just been corrected. British pronunciation is Sa-lee-kah. We say Cell-eh-kah.)

"I was floating in a hot air balloon with my girlfriend over Aldbury and saw that hump-backed bridge where you ran the motorcycle underneath the Austin Princess and instead of it being romantic, I spent the rest of the ride telling her the whole story of your accident."

and a personal favorite of mine:

"You sold my friend a car that was held together by a breadwrapper tie!! What were you THINKING???"

And probably many more that I can't recall at the moment!

There is also a small world story to end all small world stories on another subject that I must remember to relate at another time, also involving some friends of John's and relating back to him.

Anyway, I enjoyed this e-mail from Simon/Jeff immensely and had to pass it along.

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BritGal' Sarah said...

LMAO...thanks for the heads up for us to politely decline any transportation 'a la' John this weekend. Mind you I think quite a few of my friends would say similar things about me....those Hertfordshire Driving Instructors have alot to answer for!

pamokc said...

Ha Sarah, he has calmed down very much in his old age, I wouldn't worry too much! But my first trip over there was a tour of places he had run off the road!

The Troll said...

Grrrherhahahahhahahahhaha! That's hilarious. I had Fred Flintstone back-seat breaks on my first car too.