Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Happenings

Britgal Sarah and her Hubster stopped by today after dropping her mum at the airport. They were greeted with the national flag of England (the cross of St. George, not the Union Jack which represents Great Britain), so they would know which house was ours. We had some good burgers and, as always when we have gotten together, a big **yak-fest**. We then went to pick up a prescription for Sarah and gave them a quick tour of our side of town.

And speaking of our side of town, south OKC is its own small town. While it has grown immensely from the time I was kid, if you are a true southsider, you know someone who knows someone who knows someone, if you get my drift.

And so I come to the collapsing crane episode. While driving around, we showed Sarah & Hubster the church where the fatal crane accident happened last Thursday. An older couple from this particular church went to watch the lifting of the steeple onto their new church building. The crane collapsed and fell right onto the car where the man and wife were sitting. The husband died instantly. It is such a sad story.

When the news came out, Babygirl sent me an Instant Message about it because it is the church she attends with her dad and where the upcoming wedding is to be held. We watched the video from the helicopter online for quite some time. It was all so horrendous. My sister e-mailed and asked me if the man who died was a certain person and I told her no. But I was wrong.

While reading through the online guestbook tonight, I realized we DID know the man who died and he was exactly who my sister thought he was. He was a former neighbor of ours before we moved and the father of one of my dad's Southside Yanks, his little league team back in the 60's. The paper named him as Winfred Stafford and I didn't make the connection. We knew him as Win Stafford and he would host the neighborhood BBQ every year on National Night Out, before some developers built a huge housing addition practically in his backyard, that is. We even drove through that neighborhood today, not realizing it was Mr. Stafford. We knew him to be an extremely good man. Peace be with his family, church family, and neighbors. I can just now picture him waving to us from his mowing tractor.
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Teresa said...

Sarah, and Hubster look so happy and good together. What a great picture. Does she always look that good? Wow! I recognize those shoes, they went to a wedding recently. Glad they got to visit with you.

Pam, I had no idea about the crane incident. I confess, I don't watch the news, and I don't read the paper. I am clueless here. I am also saddened for the family and friends like you. It sounds like Win, was a really good man. Sorry.

I left a response to your comment, and a message for you on my Saturday, post.

Sandi McBride said...

So sorry Sarah's Mum has gone back already...wonderful pictures of them there...very thoughtful of you to have the flag out for Sarah, too!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality today, as you already know, it was a very welcome rest from the heat and bustle of OKC. Plus as usual great company and chat.

I am so sorry you knew that poor man Pam, as you say OK generally is a 'small world'!

Teresa said...

Oops. I just went to check out the shoes... not the same.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Teresaq - no you were right the first time, same shoes just a different angle

Janet said...

It's nice that you and Sarah got to spend some more time together. But I'm so sorry to hear about the tragic crane incident.