Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Spot the American"

Here's a little photo I like to call "Spot the American." I'm taking entries as to which one it is!

Actually, this is the only known photo of ALL the grandkids on the English side of the family and was taken on the sober occasion of John's dad's funeral several years ago. Normally when we are over there, we see one of John's sisters (and her family) or the other sister (and her family), but not both on the same trip, and Babygirl is not always with us now that she is an adult herself. So even if we did see all the English kids, someone was always missing. One sister lives in London and the other lives in Leeds (and now also has a home in France!)

Anyway, l-r are Ruth, James, Joanna, Kymmie, Sophie, Alexander and Catherine. James is now an Army veteran and served in Afghanistan. Sophie is in college. Joanna works at a very well-known store in the middle of London and has a wonderful boyfriend named Tom, who is a published author! Ruth and Catherine are twins and enjoy salsa dancing and things that. We heard a report that Alex showed up to a family event with a girlfriend recently so it looks like his life is moving right along! And Babygirl, well wedding plans are starting to heat up for her!

Cheers for now.
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