Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Volunteer Crew

Been a busy week of volunteering with a conference going on in OKC. Here's some of us at the ballpark when we finally got a chance to sit down for a rest! There wasn't a Redhawks game, we were just using the stadium, but they lent us a few players and a mascot. Rowdy the Redhawk is hysterical. He spent most of his time harassing the young girl in the yellow shirt in front. She is a typical young teen -- full of life and sure that the world revolves around her! She was really enjoying winding up Rowdy. Anyway, in the row of us blue-shirt volunteers are: Me, Rowdy Redhawk, Kathy, Leigh, and Cathy Jo. But more importantly, I just want to say that this is the first photo I have taken in several years that gives me hope that I am resolving my health issues. I look like I used to look in this photo, or maybe should word it as I look like I should look! If that makes any sense whatsoever! Will catch up on my blogging soon!
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