Thursday, August 21, 2008

Averting Disaster Day Two

Day two of potential disasters diverted. We arrive at the dress shop where Krista is to try on her junior bridesmaid dress. She's a tiny ten year old and Babygirl had ordered a Size 6 for her in a dress to match the bridesmaids. Well. The dress had arrived. And it was a Size 6. But it was an adult Size 6. Not a child's Size 6. CRIKEE!!! She was there with dad Erik, who leaves again on Tuesday, and the rest of the fam, but no dress to try on. Aunt Carole warned me abount the pending disaster before The Bride arrived. I told her, "Oh, you don't even know about disasters yet!"

The Bride arrives, panic ensues. The shop declares that the dress doesn't come in child's sizes. We remind them that THEY measured her themselves. That they confirmed she was a perfect Size 6. (BTW, she has now grown to a Size 8. We know because they re-measured). Meanwhile, the lady was more than helpful and called around and verified that a Size 8 can be sent in time for the wedding date. It will just arrive in mid-September now. YIKES OLA.

So The Kymster and I leave to go meet with a lady at a local Methodist church about having the wedding at their place. She is even more more than helpful and showed us the facility. It is perfect. Super-close to the reception site. No other things will need rescheduling if we can get it. We put in our deposit and are waiting on a final approval from the minister. They were aware of the situation at Babygirl's church and were very sympathetic.

Say your prayers that the new place comes through! They even have a pianist (we won't have to shop for one). It all looks promising ... a girl's dress to be delivered before the wedding and a new location with time to re-print invitations. Prayers Prayers Prayers please! It all will come together one way or another, but the situation as presented looks promising.

Cheers for now ya'll. And just shoot me if I ever again think that being a wedding planner sounds like fun.


Karen M said...

OH, I can sympathize! Weddings are so much fun and sooooooo stressful!!!

Best of luck with everything. It will be a lovely day in the end and will hold a lifetime of memories.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh my you are having a time of it, but I hope the new church works out.

BTW where are the GC piccies??!! Been waiting patiently but now anxious to see