Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the continuing Beatles theme ...

We're back from a Vegas Vacation! The highlight was seeing this show at The Mirage (and probably why I was thinking about Paul McCartney the week before we left!)

This Cirque de Soleil show is absolutely fantastic. The sound in the theater is beyond stunning. The acts choreographed to the music were just amazing and great interpretations of the selected songs. They included four little boys in English school uniforms on occasion and then four moppy haired young men. A few references to WWII, the swinging 60's, good, evil and LOVE. I recommend this visual and aural experience to any good Beatles fan. The only bad part of the show was the creepy man from Michigan sitting next to me who tried to record the show on his Kodak Easyshare after being told no photography in the theater. He was beyond gross. The kind of American tourist that people make fun of the world over. Loud. Obnoxious. It was the shorts with brown knee socks and sandals that should have been my first clue about him. Then he tried to con us into switching seats with some imaginary friends he claimed was coming to the show. But enough about him!

And, of course, there is a Beatles merchandise boutique outside the show's theater, where I snagged this cute little purse. I think I might use it for a camera bag. Anyway, is this not adorable? I contained myself on the merchandising, my only other purchase being the soundtrack for the show, which I am listening to as I create my posting for today!

Then, at the airport, I stumbled across this autobiography of Pattie Boyd, who was the wife of George Harrison and, later, Eric Clapton. So I purchased this and was reading until the boarding of the airplane. Which I should maybe have kept reading to keep me from the panic attack that developed when the pilot announced that the airplane was too heavy to take off and they started pulling about 15 passengers from the airplane. Yikes! I was ready to scoot off the airplane too, but the frequent flyer husband assured me it would be fine. And it was. But I wasn't. Almost a full-fledged PANIC ATTACK! Couldn't concentrate on anything. If only I'd been reading and missed that announcement!

Anyway, back home now, safe and sound. No winnings from Vegas, and as John says "Not even a sausage". But we had a great time and I'll post some Grand Canyon photos tomorrow. YAY on being home!

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Janet said...

It sounds like you had a good vacation, except for the
flight. :-(

I'd have been out of there like a shot. I loathe flying.

Gill - That British Woman said...

ds and his girfriend were at Las Vegas not last week but the week before, and they thoroughly enjoyed Vegas, but had the flight from hell getting there. They stayed in the Luxor, and said even though we don't gamble we would have a lovely time.

They said the trip to the Grand Canyon was long, but worth while?

I may try and persuade dh to go next year.

Gill from Canada........

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Good to have you back amongst us, omg I'd have been off that plane in a heartbeat. Remind never to fly with John, I'm sure he's full of what he thinks is good information to calm down a panicky flyer, but does just the opposite!

The Love show sounds amazing, apart from the creepy neighbour.