Monday, August 18, 2008

Invites and Maps are Printed Finally!

Yippee! Finished off the printing of the wedding maps tonight. The invites are printed and now they are all ready to be stuffed into envelopes for mailing. It is time for them to go out, too! About six weeks out from the wedding date. Let's see, what else needs doing? We're now looking at table linen rentals, getting music sorted out (anyone know a classical violinist or two?), I think they did tuxes this past weekend. A fitting of the dress for possible final alterations and maybe buy a veil. Get with Aunt Carole and see about those pew bows. Oh and make sure the chairs have arrived at the new church building.

The shower is coming up in early September and is hosted by my very good friend KJ and Babygirl's best girlfriend Jen. It is all coming together slowly ... slowly ...

Oh and if anyone has some recommendations for resorts in Colorado that are affordable for newlyweds, send that info along also!!!

Cheers for now, ya'll. Signing off from a bruised and battered blue Mustang.

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