Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mute Monday - Singers Songwriters

You know I can't be mute.
For singer/songwriter -- can't get more important than Woody Guthrie, from Okemah, Oklahoma, and influence on such other writers as Bob Dylan. This was one of my at-work projects.
And here's an album I want - love me some Van Morrison

And here's one John got for his birthday from his sisters. I'm not too familiar with Jools Holland, but I can't quit listening to this CD. I may have to assign it as a "Favorite English Thing."
And start a column for favorite Irish thing for Van The Man.
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Anonymous Boxer said...

Keep it Simple is one of my favorites. It's on my ipod and gets heavy listening time. Happy MM!

The Troll said...

Very neat take. Woody was a Oner, for sure! Happy Mute Monday!

Kate said...

Love Woody and Van the Man, Happy MM!