Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday, all day long and well into the evening

It was a busy day today -- got up and did a few chores - the kind that you do only once in a blue moon. Took the greenery down from over the kitchen cabinets and dunked it in the hot tub to remove the dust! ;)

Then the Kymster came by to try on the wedding dress. We may have one or two little issues with the fit, so might be looking for a seamstress next week to make a few adjustments.

Then Britgal Sarah and her hubby stopped in to return a book she had borrowed and we all had "tea and cake". But not "tea and cake or death."

Then off for a quick haircut at the salon on the corner, gas up the car, pick up some life-giving Diet Pepsi and then home for a nap!

We watched The Bucket List tonight thinking it would be a comedy. It wasn't so much comedy as heartwarming and poignant. But I think I was more in the mood for some laughs. Not that it wasn't funny in some parts. Enjoyed it. But not what we thought it was going to be.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend and yay for Mondays off work!

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Thanks for the tea, cakes and chat. It was great to see you and we made it home at 10pm - knackered!