Thursday, August 21, 2008

A temporary disaster

Well, should have known things were going too good with Babygirl's wedding plans. Yesterday, after I had stuffed my share of the invitations/maps into envelopes, she had me call the pastor to verify that they were going to be okay to mail and that nothing had come up with the new church building and all was on schedule. So unfortunately and distressingly, I had to be the bearer of very bad news indeed. Pastor Joe gave us a 98% chance that the church will not be finished by the day of the wedding. She had already put off her date once so that she could have the wedding in the new church building. So no invites in the mail today. She will be scrambling to make a decision in the next couple of days so we can do a quick re-print. YIKES.

So here are the options:

1. Find another church nearby and see if they have the date available and take weddings from non-parishioners. She has an appointment at 4PM today to have a look at a church. Probably the best solution.

2. Have an outdoor wedding at the church facility, or under the entrance canopy, with the hope that no one needs to use the toilet facilities in case they aren't connected by that time. Do-able but not great.

3. Have an outdoor wedding at the reception facility, which could look really nice, but who can predict the weather? I mean really, all this rain in August in Oklahoma??? Who'dhavethunkit?

4. Have an indoor wedding at the reception facility - we'd just have to jazz the place up loads more than we had planned. This sounds very appealing to mom (moi).

5. Postpone the wedding and wait on the new building to be finished. She doesn't like this idea. It means rescheduling photographer, reception facility, flowers, cakes, on and on and on.

So if you were expecting an invite from us soon, you might have to wait a bit longer! **heavy sigh**

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