Monday, August 18, 2008

This lying little sack of you-know-what

This lying little sack of **** rear-ended me today. Yep, I was in the much-loved Mustang and he bumped me good. Doesn't appear to be any real damage, just maybe a little crease by the tag, BUT .... this lying little bump gave me his insurance card and of course, guess what, it lapsed in April. But I have a great photo of his Drivers License and his car tag and have some resources to track him down if needed.

I seriously don't think the car has any damage, but the husband thinks it needs to be checked out anyway on the theory that once a car's bumper absorbs an impact, that might be all it has in it. So am off to see how good our GEICO is on Thursday and get an opinion from a body shop.

So Mr. Thacker here, and I will be glad to use his name freely, has some anger management issues and was very argumentative and disagreeable at the scene, even hitting the side of his Town & Country in a fit of temper. And he became very angry when I went to take a photo of his car tag number. Like he had something to hide. Like lapsed insurance coverage.

A curse and a pox on uninsured drivers!


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh darn it I want to see his piccie, it's not opening, what a scumbag!

pamokc said...

Oh yes he is Sarah! And not a concern for whether I might have been hurt or not. I called him on it and he just got angrier. A humble "I'm sorry ma'am" would have gone a long way with me. GRRRRRRRRRRR

The Troll said...

He LOOKS like chicken manure smells.