Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wedding planning results of the day...

Invitations labeled and ready for mailing!
Now it is time to get the house ready for a wedding shower next weekend which will be held at our house. The bride is certainly stressed -- she has college going on along with full-time job and wedding plans. They have to find time to do the pre-marital counseling also, because it is required at the new facility. And the groom also has a new job with long hours. Yikes! But am sure it will all come together, I think the most of the planning is done. Now it is details details.

QUESTION: Song suggestions are needed for the march down the aisle (other than the traditional wedding march). As of now, the plan is for classical or traditional piano preludes up until the time of the walk down the aisle. Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone?

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Janet said...

A friend of mine walked down the aisle to "Morning has Broken" by Cat Stevens, I thought it was a lovely choice.