Thursday, September 18, 2008

Babygirl Wedding Plans Update

More details knocked off the list this week! I wonder if this is less stressful if you aren't the mom involved in the wedding planning?

Most important: Today I found a pair of great shoes! Yay~~~ and for a great price at the shoe store over at Belle Isle. Pewter/Silver with a nice normal heel and a little criss-cross at the toe. Open toe, though, and I wasn't after that, but they fit, the color was great and the price was right. I can get a pedicure methinks.

Ceremony music has been decided. Flowers/cake/linens/etc. paid for and double-checked. They booked a honeymoon today to Colorado. A few little items missing from the table decorations list, so a quick Hobby Lobby run sometime this week or next. Then the last thing is a Sam's run for those clear plates and tableware.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think everything is in place so these kids can have a wedding! Oh wait, no it isn't. She still needs to get the groom a ring! And I need to get the music playlists in order so they can go straight from the MP3 player and onto the PA system. And someone to man the Ipod at the event. I did a draft of a program today for her, so that still needs finalized and printed.

Anyone have suggestions for reception party music? She wants fun dance music, but my ideas are probably not what the 20-somethings are dancing to these days. I think that new Kid Rock song for sure. And New Kids on the Block for Kymmie and Jenny. Kymmie was supposed to marry Joey McIntire of NKOTB (well, that's what she said when she was about 8 years old anyway) ...

Oh, and the Bachelorette Party is this weekend! Mom might get to unwind a bit!
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Anonymous said...

she can't marry joey-joe i am going to marry him still. ha:) kymmie and i could fight it out for him.

pamokc said...

Jen - John still has a letter somewhere around here that she wrote to Joey Joe. He might need to dig it out for the toast, eh?

Janet said...

I'm glad to hear that the wedding plans are going so well. I can't recommend any music though, my tastes are too ancient. I do hope you enjoy the hen night, be sure to have a few bevvies and chill.

BTW, thanks for the info on the farming cooperative.