Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bridal Shower is Over!

The Bridal Shower is now over! There's Babygirl unwrapping the pressies, friend Jennifer is doing the handing-of pressies. My Friend Jamie was called into service to do the recording of pressies. KJ's husband, just as feared, has had a turn for the worse health-wise so she came and set everything up and scampered off to get some sleep after being up all night with him at the emergency room. So quick prayers for Craig and KJ.

The Kymster made a huge haul of good items, mostly kitchen stuff, and the back yard looked fabulous, thanks to the hard work of The Hoobie (mowing/landscaping/re-planting of flowers), Jen and KJ (decorating of tables and picture-perfect placement of munchies). Did I take a photo of it all before mayhem ensued? No, of course not!

Speaking of The Hoobie, he is off to his first-ever OSU football game tonight. He knew he didn't want to be in the house when about 25 women arrived, so he arranged to go with his friend David (who was in the motorcycle accident with him years ago). He's already called me twice -- once to tell me how much more fun it is in Stillwater at an OSU game than in Norman at an OU game. Hehehe. He might come home with a little bit of the Orange Power in him!! The other time he called was to tell me that the marching band was playing Beatles tunes. He's so romantic.

To any Brits out there who might understand the comparison -- I was told this by a girl at work who has been to England many times. To compare the University of Oklahoma to Oklahoma State University, -- OU is Oxford (said with nose in the air). OSU is Cambridge! Said with an explanation point.

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Glad it went well, the weather was nice and Joh is having fun too.