Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to Elsie

Elsie (John's mum) turned 86 yesterday. It was just last year, although it seems like just a couple of months ago, that we were all over in England for her 85th birthday party. She has since suffered a stroke and is much more limited in her getting-around. Except she still makes it down to the pub for the senior citizens lunch every Wednesday. She can get most everything she needs in her own village and can still walk pretty much where she needs to go.
Even last year, however, she was obviously frail and needed to walk with a stick. Here's oldest daughter Meg helping her around the fabulous Minterne Gardens in Somerset.

And although John's dad passed away a few years ago, she isn't lacking for companionship. We think Jack here is a gentleman caller. He's 90. And drives all the ladies around to the various appointments. He's "such a lovely man."

You go, girl! Happy Birthday Elsie, wish we could have been there this year too. Stay well.
And we'll have a game of "Snip Snap Snorem" next time we're over. Or "Chase the Ace". Or "Newmarket" :)

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Janet said...

Ahhh, that's a sweet story. Good for you, Elsie. And a belated Happy Birthday coming your way.