Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not such a good helper

My Boyfriend M.G. was helping me tonight try out some flower arrangements for The Kymster's wedding reception. One of the divas of the Clematis Club loaned me these two large vases that look like wine glasses, which I thought might be perfect for these long-stemmed calla lilies. Well, of course, someone had to get right in the big middle of the show. I ran him off and then put the glasses away for safe-keeping because who knows what havoc this cat can wreak while we are off to work tomorrow. Last thing we need is broken borrowed vases.

So suggestions being taken now as to whether or not this is a good idea (above) for decorations. If it needs filler, what would you use for filler. I'm thinking fill the vases with water and act like the calla lilies are real! ;) The proportions are pretty good, methinks, but something else is needed here. And how they will be used has yet to be determined.
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Anonymous said...

needs something on the bottom. looks a bit forgotten. will ponder it while i sleep. ha!! talk to you in the morning.

Jan said...

I think they look beautiful as they are, but then flower arranging is not one of my strong points. :-)