Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wedding Plans Update for the Day

(1) The ceremony music problem may be solved. Have been told of a husband/wife duo that perform the type of classical music The Bride is thinking she wants. Demo CD arrives in a day or so. If she likes the sound of them, then a quick meeting and that decision is a done deal. They have performed for Deb's boss on several occasions and come highly recommended. Yay on this one.

(2) Table decorations in the works. Have materials. Working on sorting out different ways of putting them together. Involves those battery operated strand lights.

(3) Pew bows being made by Aunt Carole and are looking wonderful and how does she have the time to be doing them with her impending house move for goodness sakes!

(4) Pastor Joe has no problem performing the ceremony at the alternate facility. They are working on time to do the pre-marital counseling, which is required by both him and the new facility.

(5) Suggestions now being taken on whether or not the reception venue (pictured above) needs something more of a focal point besides just the table decorations and the wedding cake/food table. The Bride was told that there needs to be a wall or *something* behind them while they are cutting the cake, for photography reasons. The round tables will have brown tablecloths, except for one which will have a fancy gold tablecloth (for the cake table). And those white fold-up wooden chairs. Will the room look dressy enough? Does she need something along that far wall for focus? I'm thinking it will be enough once we get in there to decorate.

(6) Tried to reserve it to begin at noon, but an event has squeezed in ahead of us. We won't be able to get in to decorate until 2PM. The Bride will have stressed totally by then, so hopefully some reinforcements will arrive in the way of The Clematis Club Representatives (more about them some other time). These ladies can DECORATE.

The shower is Saturday and Jen and KJ come by Friday night to set up. It is all moving fast now. I need to go shop for some shoes! John needs to try on his suit. The Bride is ready for it to be done and over!
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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Sounds good and yes I agree with babygirl that a focus point would be good. We did the same at our wedding in a similar venue for the piccies. We got a sheet of wood lattice, sprayed it, threaded foliage and white lights.

BTW your have been TAGGED by me for a fun one!