Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In the general wedding theme

With the Yorkshire delegation arriving tomorrow night for the wedding, I've been thinking back to last year when we were in the UK for Elsie's 85th birthday celebration. We had a side-trip down to St. Ives in Cornwall, where we spent a very COLD day on the beach with Pudge & Lynne, some old hometown friends of John's. One toe in the water was enough for me that day. And remember, this is around the end of August as I recall. In Oklahoma, we'd still be broiling. Anyway, and suddenly, out of the swanky hotel behind us (where WEREN'T staying) came running this wedding party for photos on the beach. The bridesmaids ended up knee deep in the water at some point. I think some alcohol might have been involved.

I have always liked this quick snap for the unintended composition with the deck chair on the left. Got a rule-of-thirds horizon line going on and also maybe with the chair on the left third and wedding party on the right third.

And I have to say, Cornwall is NOT my favorite place in England. Been there twice now and it just isn't my cup of tea down that way. Can't put my finger on the reason why, just something doesn't sit right with me there. Everyone else loves it there, but I've been to Cornwall now, time for the Lake District next ;)
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Jan said...

Great photo, I love the juxtaposition of the deck chair. We're a hardy breed us Brits, to you it's cold, and there they are sunbathing.

It's funny your not liking Cornwall, but each to their own. You will love the Lake District, though the weather up north leaves a lot to be desired at anytime. But you probably know that from your trips to Yorkshire. :-)