Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me -- Off to the Doc

Am off to the doctor today for a one-year check-up since my last one-year check-up after the thyroid cancer surgery. Can't believe it has been two years since all this started happening to me. Of course, this is the cancer doctor I'm seeing today for bloodwork to verify that there aren't any 'cancer markers' in my blood. Ugh. Soon will be a visit to the endo, which will be a new guy and which I am already pre-disposed to not like any endo because they treat bloodwork numbers and not people. Grrrrr. Took this self-portrait the summer after the surgery and always thought it showed how washed-out I've felt since The Knife. Wish me luck for a good check-up! Me no want to go thru it again.
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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Thoughts and our prayers are with you Pam, hope you get a clean bill of health

A.B. said...

sending you good thoughts on your appointment today.

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Karen M said...

Sending you prayers and best wishes. My dad had thyroid cancer, but they were not able to operate because of how it was wrapped around the vocal cords. He had several treatments. I know it is difficult.

The Troll said...

Wish you good luck and saying a prayer for you too.

Janet said...

I hope all went well for you, Pam.