Monday, October 13, 2008

How not to be Seen - Sally Style

Ms. Sally O'Malley, of No. 12, The Mews, demonstrates how "not to be seen." Here she has disguised herself as a curtain while enjoying a spot of sunshine through the windowpane.

On another note, however, Ms. Sally has an injured paw! She's been limping around all evening. I think M.G. might have got a bit rough with her. A bit worrisome, but we're not sure it warrants a trip to the vet.

Meanwhile, Travis, the wedding photographer says first viewing will be tomorrow and that there are about 800 photographs to look through! Yikes~! Or as The Bride said, "Holy Moly!"

Tonight was a quick meeting with some church ladies who I said I would do some work for regarding a silent auction and fundraiser, then off for a quick bite to eat with the Hoobie. THEN, off to Walmart because he wanted to look at a bicycle. AND he invested! Aluminum frame, great suspension (or so he tells me) and a cool bronze color. Will post a pic this weekend maybe. Doing our part to keep the economy going, dotchaknow. :)
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Jan said...

It's strange that your Sally O'Malley has an injured paw, my Tommy Ticklemouse does too. He got into a bar brawl with some other cat on Sunday night, and is confined to barracks for a couple of days. He's not a happy
camper. :-(

Janet said...

Thanks for your comment about Tommy's name. He is also sometimes called Tommy Nick-a-mouse, as he has been known to steal Alvin's catches.