Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adventure Cat MG

Things stolen this week by my boyfriend, the Adventure Cat named M.G.:

1. A red penguin toy we were using as a Christmas tree ornament. Now appearing in various places around the house. He likes to bring it to me in the middle of the night and put it on the bed.
2. Another Christmas tree ornament, which is a green-skirted angel, again in various places around the house.
3. An 8-inch long scrub brush from the bathroom counter made a mysterious appearance in the living room.
4. A blue Sharpie marker.
5. A blue ink pen.
6. A roll of scotch tape last seen on the dining room table to be used for the wrapping of Christmas presents.
7. A black ink pen.
8. A silk poinsettia blossom from an arrangement on the dining room table.

But I love him anyway, my thieving boyfriend.

MEANWHILE, a big big shout out to Janet at Grand Lake Ink, who has solved a little problem we were having!!! Not completely solved but at least I haven't been breathing bug spray fumes for the last two days. We had a few gnats that kept coming back despite bug spray, bleach, cleaning and re-cleaning cabinet tops and sink, etc etc. These weren't fruit-flies either, the kind that usually come in with the bananas ... they couldn't be less interested in bananas. However, give them a bit of red wine and they are happy little sods. Janet suggested putting cider vinegar in a glass and covering it with plastic wrap, then poking a few holes so they can get in. We opted for red wine instead. I guess they are smart enough to get in but not smart enough to get out! Anyway, it has been a brilliant solution, no bother to implement and we're not poisoning ourselves in the process. Thanks Janet!
Other than that, watched the band Crowded House tonight on Austin City Limits. They are an old 80's fave band. And let's just say that a little crush on lead singer Neill Finn might still be burning a bit!
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TROLL said...

Fascinating problem-solver. I never would have guessed that would work.

Boxer said...

Your cat sounds like a dog.


moi said...

We get fruit fly problems on occasion (I'm a mad hatter composter) and the red wine trick works every time. While I do feel a little bit sad for the flies, at least they end their days fat, drunk, and happy!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

WHat a star Jan is! That's a bit like the yoghurt pots with beer in them planted in flowerbeds for slugs!

LOL at MG, we haven't braved a tree with ornaments this year with Bon-Bon still being kitty crazy!

Janet said...

I'm happy to be of help, Pam.

My cats love knocking ornaments of the tree, and drinking from the water well at its base.