Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Library MEME

I’ve been moving offices at work and getting my computer up and running at home, in addition to my normal life duties, so have been really behind getting this Library MEME up (from Britgal Sarah), who challenged me a week or two ago. Here’s how it goes:

What would you advise people to read? Name your favourite:(a) Fiction book (b) Autobiography (c) Non-fiction book (d) A fourth book of your choice from any genre. Explain why the books are essential reads in no more than 30 words per book.

After much contemplation, here are my answers (albeit much delayed from the date I was challenged!)

1. Fiction Book. Gone With The Wind. Hands down, my fave book. The first time I read it was in the sixth grade. I can pick it up and re-read it and find something new in it every time. I actually hated the movie for a long time because it is so different from the book. So, if you think you love that movie and know the story – read the book. Read the
book. You can't understand Scarlett until you READ THE BOOK.

2. Autobiography. Snap Me Perfect by Darrell Porter. I grew up playing in the dirt on the first base line of my brother’s little league practice field. My dad was the coach. One of the players (the catcher, naturally) was Darrell Porter. He went on to become an MVP in the World Series, struggled with addictions and, like my brother but under vert different circumstances, died an early death. I inherited my dad’s autographed copy.

3. Non-Fiction. I will go with The Purpose Driven Life. Perspective about what is important.

4. Any Genre. Evening Class by Maeve Binchy. Strange that such a sweet little book can change a person’s life. It did mine. I was an empty nester looking for a hobby when I read this novel. It inspired me to enroll in a few classes and I ended up with a photography hobby. However, in this book, the people were learning Italian in a class set in Ireland. Maeve Binchy does the best characters -- this book has many of them -- and I had to go on and read everything else she has written.

I won’t challenge anyone but if a reader somewhere wants to use this meme, go right ahead! I am sure I did NOT stick to the 30 word description limit!


moi said...

GWTW is, in my humble opinion, the greatest American novel ever written, as deep and moving and utterly beautiful as anything ever published.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Great job Pam, I have only read Evening Class and loved it. But I will take on what you said about GWTW and read it sometime.

Laura Essendine said...

Evening Class is brilliant but my favourite is Tara Road. I love the way she intertwines so many characters and the way those characters sometimes pop up in other books.

If you like her, try another British author, Judith Lennox expecially Footprints in the Sand, The Winter House or The Shadow Child.

I read GWTW when I was at uni and a long time before I saw the film. Loved the film but the book was so much better. Scarlett came across like a bit of a spoiled brat in the movie but in the book you could understand why she married for money and acted the way she did.

Laura Essendine
Author – The Accidental Guru
The Books Limited Blog

TROLL said...

Cool suggestions because I haven't read any of them. "Purpose Driven Life" has been so widely quoted, I feel like I have. But I should read the actual book!

Boxer said...

I have to go with MOI, GWTW is a great American novel. I like this MEME!