Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The RAF in OK

After purchasing this book (above) a Christmas or so ago for hoobie John, we did a little road trip up to the Bartlesville area -- well, we stayed in Bartlesville overnight, but went on up to Miami, Oklahoma (my-amm-ah is how it is pronounced in OK). BECAUSE, well, in Miami, is a cemetery where there are buried a number of RAF trainees who were sent out here during WWII. I believe they all died during training exercises. It seems the Brits have been coming to Oklahoma for quite a long while now, and some are here for eternity.

The local folks lay wreaths every Christmas and fly the Union Jack year-round. There is another cemetery in Ponca City where another batch of the UK trainees are buried. It isn't kept quite as nice as this cemetery in Miami, though. One of the headstones and wreaths is for a woman of the town who maintained the graves from the 40's until her own death in the 1980's.
Later in the year, we were talking about the trip to this young gentleman. His name is Densyl (and his new wife is Guyene). Anyway, he is from south-western Missouri and he remembers the RAF trainee pilots buzzing his school when he was a young boy. He and his friends used to watch for them to fly over. He didn't know until he ran into John this particular day that it was RAF pilots on training missions.

So anyway, this is my post for today. Dont' know why it is about this subject, but ran across the photo of the gravestones at Christmas-time and wanted to share.
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Lakeland Jo said...

I enjoyed it thanks, and loved the picture.
I hadn't heard of this.

Janet said...

Great post, Pam. A while back you mentioned the British war graves in Miami in a comment on my blog. I did go looking for more info about the RAF in OK on the internet, fascinating stuff. I had no idea about any of this.