Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sam for Heisman!

It wasn't a pretty win, but the Sooners put the whomp down on Mizzou tonight in the Big XII championship game. Probably next on to meet Florida for the national championship. And I'm putting in my two cents for Sam Bradford to take the Heisman trophy. What an athlete -- and leader. And he basically set a national record for the Sooners -- the first team in college football history to score more than 60 points in five consecutive games. And I'm usually one to get mad at typical Sooner fans because they sometimes get upset if they didn't beat the other team by a large number of points. (Can't win big enough for some people!) But this is an accomplishment for sure.
Now, I do see the case of giving the Heisman to Colt McCoy (Texas), since his team was screwed on not making this Big XII championship game. He could be a sentimental fave. But I think tonight proves that OU deserved to be in the game and deserved to win it. And they did. But most of all, I think it proved Sam Bradford is a poised, confident, dedicated, multi-talented, and successful big game player. And if he wins the Heisman, it will be deserved as well. He faces surgery tomorrow on his non-throwing hand, and we wish him luck with that as well. SAM FOR HEISMAN!!!
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TROLL said...

It's gonna be a close vote. I would recommend settling it in a Steel-Cage-Death-Match tween McCoy and Bradford and Tebow.

I think we ALL know who's gonna win that!

pamokc said...

Troll, I saw the size of Tebow's neck in the little promo photos the network uses during the game. YIKES. Tebow has his, someone else's turn!