Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lewis & Sterling & Sally with a missing kitty update

Lewis & Sterling continue to get used to life at our place.

Sterling is a little sweetie. Sally is a hateful princess. If the boys get close, she hisses. But if they get bored with her and move on to kitty-balls or sumthin', guess who comes looking for them?

See, here Sterling was just minding his own business hanging out on the footstool. So who has to come by and make sure Sterling is paying attention to her? Just so she can hiss at him and not let him come too close? Yes, you are right. John thinks it is a matter of short time before she is snuggling with the boys and running/playing/jumping/wreaking havoc.

How interesting is this --- Sally has different color eyes when you take her photos. Never noticed this about her before! Part of what makes her **unique** I guess!

Sterling is a good looking young man. He and Lewis will be heading to the vet on Wednesday to get checked over, since they ultimately really are strays. Once they get vaccinations, they can get scheduled for some much-needed man surgery. These guys are so manly, they can only walk bow-legged. And with good reason.
Lewis is the more laid-back of the two. Observant and watchful. Doesn't have to be in the big middle of things though. And you know how sometimes you get that weird feeling you are being watched? Happened to John in the bedroom closet the other night. Lewis, up high on the shelf looking down. He is the investigator also, always checking things over with a good sniff and quick bat of the paw to see how things feel.

The M.G. Missing Kitty Update: A call today from a man who saw our flyer at one of the local vets. Says some friends of his in the neighborhood where he used to live (just north of us a bit), had recently fed a black cat matching our description, down to the red collar and red tag. So off we went tonight to put up more flyers in that area. It is a big neighborhood though, and no luck calling for him, and that area is getting closer to the highway all the time, and -- if it was our MG in our local field, then he has moved north from us about a mile and could still be heading that way.

So Jen and Kymmie, be on the look-out for you-know-who! He could be in ya'lls neighborhoods.
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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

"Lewis is the more laid-back of the two. Observant and watchful. Doesn't have to be in the big middle of things though." LOL well didn't he just get named perfectly then!

Also loved the 'walking' description!

Hoping, hoping that is MG and you get a call, sounds hopeful.

Karen M said...

Your pictures and stories of your kitties are adorable. I love that one of Lewis checking out the flower.
Pets add so much to our lives.

moi said...

Those are beautiful kitties. I love it when kitties have hissy fits. Hissy FIGHTS are another story.

Jan said...

Fingers crossed that you have a breakthrough with MG. Good on you for taking in the 2 strays. Sterling looks very much like my Tommy Ticklemouse who was also a stray.