Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new office space and printer

Here's my new office set-up. Please note the beautiful, new all-in-one color laser printer! It is the size of a horse, but it will keep me from having to walk all the way down the hall to make a photocopy!!! Yippee!!!!

Here's Greg, one of our I.T. guys, setting up the printer. And speaking of immigration problems -- Sarah! -- he's the guy who, two years ago, got married in Spain to a Spanish girl. They have since had a baby. Wife and baby still in Spain! He is here! But hopefully the family will be reunited soon -- they changed their tactics and are hopeful it will move faster now.

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Well oh boy can I ever tell the difference from the desk quality,of working in a school district or government!!LOL Also love the lamps, it all looks so cosy and nice printer.

Greg looks happy though and he'll get there eventually!

pamokc said...

Sarah, trust me when I tell you that the furniture is from the early eighties and we have all done Hobby Lobby runs over the years and purchased our own accessories. Those lamps -- mine. The printer -- purchased out of the office budget and not furnished by the State. Same with the chair. Same with most everything else there. Just like teachers, we have to furnish it all ourselves.