Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring Day in January

What a gorgeous day it was here in OKC! Beautiful blue skies, 75 degrees, NO WIND, and where was I? Indoors at work, of course! But nice warm sunshine coming through the window in the boss's office (which at least there is a window this year) .... anyway, made me ready for Spring to get here. Have a feeling February is gonna be a rough one though.

So my photo today is from last summer and is of the rosebushes by my mailbox. I noticed this fantastic pink rose hidden right in the big middle of rose bush. The branches were too dense to pull away to get a shot of just the rose. So decided to do a selective color in Photoshop to highlight it. The border technique was an action that got lost when my previous computer died. **SIGH** I really liked that border action. Gives a lot of interest. Have I been able to find it online since the sorry death of prior computer? NO. I think I will go do another online search right now!
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kmwthay said...

Where did you get the laser pointer? I want to get one for cozzie.

moi said...

We don't start relaxing here at the edge of the short grass plains until at least end of May. Heck, we've seen snow in JUNE.

Enjoy while you can!

Janet said...

It certainly was a beautiful day yesterday, Pam. It's a pity you couldn't take advantage of it, as it's set to get a whole lot colder again this weekend. Brr!