Friday, January 30, 2009


Sterling. Cat #3. God help us.
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chickory said...

what a beautiful crisp photograph that really tells me a lot about this cat. although i am no cat lover - that really applies to the species - as individuals ive met some i was quite taken with. would you mind if i used this photo as reference? id like to paint this sometime.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

He's bootiful alright and has the LOUDEST purr ever!!

kmwthay said...

What a sweet face! He looks happy to just be.

Dawn said...

I followed you over from Sarah's blog.

Great picture of your cat!!

And, I loved the story you posted about your friend who is a breast cancer survivor. What a blessing she and her husband are to others.

Janet said...

He's a Mackerel Tabby, just like Tommy T. Do you see the M on his forehead? Great looking puss.

icando26.2 said...

Love the picture! How did you acquire Sterling?

TROLL said...

Great photo. He looks very dignified. Perhaps a tad conceited.

pamokc said...

Chickory: Of course you can use the pic anytime!


Kymmie: I guess you have a new step-brother

Dawn: Thanks for stopping by! See "icando26" below, that's Susan!

Janet: I had never heard of mackeral tabby, so had to go look it up! Very interesting.

Susan: Here's more of the story here:

Troll: You've got him pegged for sure.