Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two interviews came out of mine, Troll and Janet .... so go have a read over on their blogs and let's keep some fun interviews going!!!

Meanwhile, our day has been running back up to the office to re-send an e-mail; cleaning house; laundry; meeting with a guy about a potential garage/workshop for John; and quick dinner over at Old Chicago Pizza, where we had hamburgers. Ha. Then we watched this dreadful movie:

Two words about The Love Guru: "Don't" and "Bother".

Cat Update: Upon the advice of Britgal Sarah, I invested in a laser pointer for playing with the cats. Toooooo much fun. The Boys (Lewis & Sterling) have sussed it out and know that there is no end-result in chasing the little red light. But they are still game to play with it for a bit.

Sally, on the other hand, has loved it and can't get enough. Once the game is over, she has been staring at the wall where the light used to be. She is obsessed. She literally can't wait to see it again. Will have to get a photo of her staring at the wall, it is hysterical. And slightly disturbing! We haven't seen her move so fast since being chased through the house by my little OCD (and missing) boyfriend, MG. She is getting along fine with The Boys. They can co-habitate and sit near each other, but she won't let them touch her either. She isn't Miss Hissy Face too much unless they catch her off guard.

So much for Saturday! Cheers for now ya'll.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh I am so glad you got the laser light, ours never go to bed without at least a little play with it. Even Suke has been known to show some excitement and Cal-Jo goes nuts patting the ground, whilst Bon-Bon races suicidally into walls!! Endless entertainment all round :-)

Btw found a low-iodine cookbook online and have eaten like a Queen all day! Who knew?

pamokc said...

Yep, it is really just healthy eating as I recall -- grilled meat and fresh veggies, what can be wrong with that? John has a plan for dinner btw. :) enjoy!

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Oh the laser pointer is such fun. Kitty goes mad for it. He too has sussed that it's me who controls the thing, but enjoys it all the same. Sylvester, not so much. He'll watch it, but won't go after it.

Karen M said...

We love playing with the laser light with our kitties.

Glad they are getting along better.

Janet said...

Thanks for the interview Pam

We got a laser light for our cats this Christmas. Wilson is like Sally, and stares at the wall for ages waiting for the light to come back. Tommy will chase it for a bit, but soon gets bored. Alvin is above all that nonsense, and just ignores it.