Monday, March 02, 2009

Busy Weekend and Old Home Week

Dang, I miss internet at the house. Hopefully soon. We are trying to wait out the ability to have the U-Verse service from AT&T. It is here in the neighborhood. Their engineers assure us. HOWEVER, their computers don't know it yet. We have people trying to sort it out. Would like to try U-verse (internet/digital tv/home phone) before committing to a 2-year contract with Direct TV. Thoughts anyone on this strategy?

We're still crazy busy with the house move. But boxes are slowly getting unpacked and put away. The cats have adjusted better than us. We are still bumping into walls.

Here's a list of Old Home Week occurrences lately:

Old Home Week #1:
Called to set up the alarm service at the new house. The alarm company arranges to send their installer. The installer calls me (instead of John!!! Grrrr!!! He was supposed to call John!!!) ... so he calls me to arrange the time to stop by the house and set it up. Worse, he calls me at work. I'm mad, I'm not even in my office. I have that horrible head-set thing on my ear to take calls when I'm not at my desk. Just cat-herded 22 people through a lunch meeting. Who has time to talk to the alarm company installer? Then the installer guy says ... "Pam, I just have to know. Are you the same Pam who knows a girl called KJ?" WELL, immediately I know who our installer is. Robert! An old friend. From Way Back. And he called me instead of John because he wanted to wind me up! He comes by to install the alarm and then invites us to a party at his house on Saturday night for his wife's birthday.

Old Home Week #2
Saturday was the second monthly lunch date with us girls who used to work together some years ago. Except for Diane, who we were worried about because she didn't make it. But Susan and Beverly were there and we met up at the CUTEST little place down on Automobile Alley called Iguana. Very Yummy Enchiladas. I get to pick the place for next month, so am taking suggestions. It will be hard to beat Iguana for cute, trendy and yummy. So yay for meeting up with the girls ... two lunches in a row with only one person missing (two if you count Misty) is a very good record. And Beverly, can't wait to hear more about that guy from the restaurant.

Old Home Week #3
On our way to the birthday party mentioned in #1 above, we stop by the odd little convenience store on the corner. John is paying for the party beer from the beer cave, when on the other corner of the counter we hear a hello. It's Donna, Cousin Dave's wife, who is buying their weekly lottery tickets! And then here comes Dave, who saw us all through the store window (he'd been sitting in the car). We have a big ol' chat there in the store and promise to have a cousin's night soon.

Old Home Week #4
Robert's Birthday Party for Laura on Saturday night. OMG, lots of fun and let me just say that Robert has a lot to answer for in the way of serving Jagger-bombs to my husband. At the party were several old friends we hadn't seen in ages. Karen, who is a good Facebook friend and sends me lots of stuff on there. Larua, Robert's wife and the birthday girl is still a hoot. And Michael, who still doesn't say much but gives great hugs. And Robert, who had the whole thing wrong about John being at The Dog Party (my 30th b-day) wasn't him! And I still don't know who those people were -- no one has seen them before or since -- they just came to the party! But this is how famous The Dog Party was ... 21 years later and people are still talking about it!

Good times. Good Friends. Good times.

I'd have photos to post here if I HAD INTERNET AT HOME!!!!! GRRRRR. Getting impatient, can you tell?


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I speak for both of us (I know) when I advise you not to put all your eggs in one basket with tv/internet/phone. We have seen more than a few friends here do that and live to regret it when they lose it all at once. And with a new service I'd think that risk would be higher. We have one for TV and then another for IT/Phone.

Janet said...

It sounds like you had a great party. I hope your house move goes well. I don't envy you. I have moved so many times I said never again after this move. :-)