Thursday, March 05, 2009

Old Home Week Revisited

I've been meaning to post this for about a week now, just haven't had time! Note the **vintage** photo below. My college dorm-mates in uh, uh, uh, ..... okay, I admit it .... It was 1975/76-ish.

That's me second from the right in the middle row. Accckkkk, was I young and skinny once upon a time. Anyway, the girl in front of me there was our Student Assistant. Her name is Darita. Let's look closer.

Look at that lame attempt I made at Farrah Fawcett hair. It took hours in the hot rollers to get that much curl in this straight mop of hair. But I kept those hot rollers plugged in all the time **just in case** they were needed. Probably burned a hole in the dresser top!

Next to me on the left is a girl named Trish (she was from Canada -- I wonder whatever happened to her??!! She definitely spoke in the 'oot and aboot' accent) ... on the right is a girl named Debbie (who was from Yukon but moved to Florida -- I wonder whatever happened to her??!!)

Next to Darita is a girl named Jodi who I also have no idea whatever happened to, but I know she was from Ponca City and was part of The Great Roommate Switch of 1975-76. Evidently, it is a fairly common occurrence, but I didn't know it at the time -- that the kids you were friends with in high school and went away to college with -- well they ended up not friends so much for whatever reason at some point -- and we all ended up changing roommates. There were 3-4 switches in our group. But that's a post for another time. Or, if ever....

But I digress. Back to Darita. I do know what happened to her. A few years ago, when I first came to work on this side of the building, she wandered into my office to see The Boss (it was a different The Boss back then). I knew it had to be her, I mean really ... who else has that name? So we spent some time reminiscing and I brought up that group photo to scan into the computer. Then she didn't come back again for a year.

She's an attorney and works for an organization that comes up here to promote their group from time to time. Plus she's a go-to-gal for information of a certain kind having to do with the Tulsa area. A veritable wealth of information and has helped me figure out some things on occasion. Here's how she looks now. Still adorable. And still doesn't know about some of the things that MIGHT have gone on in Wilham North that year. Nor does she need to know. Let's just say it was a group of girls dedicated to having fun. That's all I'm sayin'.

I'm still in occasional contact with a couple of girls from that year -- Ronda, who is the adorable skinnyminny on the far left. And Liz, who ended up being my roomie after The Great Roommate Switch, but isn't in the group shot. We had a big reunion a few years ago, set up by my friend BJ (who wasn't part of the group but knew Ronda through me and they stayed in touch for AGES ... she's the one who used to do those cooking shows at the casino) .... it is all such a small world and amazing how people come back into it.

Love love old home weeks.

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moi said...

ROTFL at your comment about Farrah Fawcett hair. A friend of mine lived right across from our jr. high school, so how did we spend part of our lunch break each day? Re-curling our hair at her house. Crazy daze.

kmwthay said...

This is hysterical. Mom - ok - so people say that we look alike all the time, right? So I think the true test would be to look at this picture (how old were you here? 20?) and look at a picture of me when I was 20. That is the true test. If we look alike in pictures of us at the same age, I will finally give in and say "why yes! we do look exactly the same."

pamokc said...

Okay babygirl, you are ON. I have recently found photo-albums and can probably arrange that little challenge. Meanwhile, no, I was 18 here if not 17 even. And drove a really cool gold Firebird. And one of my OSU contacts now might help me clear up my parking tickets ;)

Janet said...

Nice to read your reminiscences, Pam. We must have been in college around the same time, me in England and you here. I was a skinny thing back then too.