Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sister Update

Sat with Babygirl and some of Sister Carole's friends up at the ICU ward yesterday. Actually got to speak with one of her doctors. Her breathing is very bad and she is on a respirator. This morning at 6:30 am, got a call from the nurses that some blood oxygen level had dropped below where it should be and asked permission to give her two bags of blood platelets. Yikes. This just is not looking good.

Erik arrives on Monday, moving up his leave time by only a few days. Kymmie and I discussed yesterday whether we should get her grandkids up there to see her, but decided that since Erik is arriving so soon, he can make that decision whether the kids need to see her hooked up to a respirator.

Gonna have a quickie breakie here at the house and head up there for the better part of the day. Keep sending prayers up for my sister Carole.


moi said...

Sending . . . hang in there.

fishy said...

Prayers aloft!