Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Catching up a bit ...

Crazy busy week. Cah-ray-zee. And since my mind has been elsewhere (like at the hospital with my sister), have made a few dropping-the-ball errors this past week, so lots of scrambling to get caught up and stay caught up in that regard.

Things like totally forgetting an important calendar item for this week, so had to lock myself in the office last Friday with a sign on the door that said "Do Not Disturb Under Penalty of Bodily Harm." It was that bad, seriously. So after killing myself Friday to get the work done for a Wednesday (today) event - guess what happens? It gets postponed until Monday. GRRRRR! But that's okay, hopefully everyone got notified about it.

Meanwhile, it is taking me a while to unwind at night, so I've been trying to find a blog background that suits my mood. Am feeling a little dark and depressed, so was trying to find one that looked somewhat more upbeat to cheer me up. Then they would be too cheerful, so that just depressed me further. So, if you have stumbled on my page and found a different background every day, that is why. Some of these things are a little too girly for me, but the black/skull thing isn't for me either! Can't find anything I am comfortable with, so today it is very neutral. That's me. Ms. Neutral.

So, back to Sister Carole news. There isn't any. This is "DAY 26" for total sedation for her. There is another family meeting with the doctors tomorrow so that one of her sons can be as updated as possible before he returns to active duty. This has been the hardest thing for me ... the fact that he hasn't been able to communicate with her in any real fashion - his first leave home after his 14 month tour and third deployment to Iraq.

A nurse did tell me last night that one particular antibiotic had been suspended and presumably that means the infections are subsiding. The thrush in her mouth is better. The issue now is mostly of the respiratory variety. Meaning, she has to start breathing on her own. Preferably soon. Her workplace has been very generous with people donating sick days but the FMLA thing will be running out soon, so they are going to try to extend that date for her. But vital signs are good; important organs are working; CAT scan looks normal; etc.

Sure would like to see her up and running and resuming her normal life. Is that asking too much? She has worked SOOOOO very hard to get back on her feet after some tough times and didn't deserve this happening to her. I suppose none of us deserve bad things like this, but geez louise, can't she ever get a break?

Thanks to everyone who is praying for Sister Carole. Let's pray now for the infections to still subside and not come back and specifically for the ability to breathe without the respirator. Very important. Gotta get there. Gotta gotta.

I've had to curtail my visiting some for my own sanity and health -- stopping by but not staying the full amount of the visiting hours; or flat just missing a day here and there. Things too full in my brain right now and can't afford to be making mistakes at work. Plus, I was starting to pick up one of those hospital coughs! Gonna save myself up for when she is awake and alert and needs the moral support much more.

Hoobie John has done some things around the house while I've been preoccupied and he has a new garden toy - one of those zero turn mowers. He is undecided right now whether he should have gone with it versus a regular tractor, but went this way based on amount of grass to cut and that this is - in theory - the quicker mower. The man is a workhorse for sure. He likes to do things and see how long it takes me to notice that he did them -- like putting up an actual rod through a tapestry hanging over the fireplace. We had it put up with one of those white tension/curtain roads held together with black electrical tape. So he put up a regular decorative rod, the way it should be done. And luckily I noticed it almost right away, or my name would have been mud!

The Rascal Cats have discovered the great outdoors. Well, I take that back. One has. Lewis is LOVING the outdoors. Sterling thinks it is cold out there and can't see why any reasonable cat would want to be away from a warm windowsill. In fact, Lewis's range has extended far beyond the yard now. We have seen him half a block away ... a moving black dot in the distance ... but he is coming back at full run when we call for him. Sally doesn't venture far beyond the patio. Lewis, I'm afraid, will be on walkabout soon. Will just have to trust that he has a better homing instinct than his predecessor, My Boyfriend MG.

And talking about My Boyfriend MG -- had a call from the old neighborhood Monday night and also the lady who bought our house -- re a black cat sighting in the area. Doesn't sound like our guy (too fluffy) but if they can get him in a garage they are going to let me know and we'll go have a look at him to make sure he isn't My Boyfriend. I still feel jilted by him!

My exercise routine has gone out the window in the last month, what with everything else that has been going on. Am hoping to get back in that swing soon because I really miss it. Have booked myself a massage for my day off on Friday. We get Good Friday off because we don't get President's Day, the way our work is required to go with deadlines, etc.

Mega-sleep is needed soon. Peace and quiet would be nice as well. And an Easter miracle for my sister. How's that?


Janet said...

Here's hoping for your Easter miracle, Pam. I am so sorry that Carole is not yet out of the woods. But I am glad that you are taking more time out for you. There's no sense in you getting sick too.

I Hope you and John have a very happy Easter.

Boxer said...

Balance is important. I'm sure it's hard, but less time at the hospital will give you more needed energy when your Sister is awake.... that's when she'll REALLY need you there.