Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lunch with Blogger Pals and busy weekend

Got to eat lunch on Friday with Blogger pal Sarah -- aka Britgal Sarah, and her ***hubster***. They made a flying trip through town for doctor's visits, shopping and .... lunch with me! John couldn't get away from work, and Babygirl was in a meeting, so my fam was just me! Enjoyed it, you guys, and great to see you again. An shooting in "P" mode sure doesn't allow for that side light through the window. Gotta work on that.

Saturday found John working overtime again, so I spent the morning cleaning house all in my own good time! **sigh** Love a quiet Saturday morning at home. Laundry is done and put away, furniture dusted, kitchen tidied, sinks cleaned .... certainly makes you feel good when those chores get done in a peaceful manner. Did a bit of clothes shopping for Sister Carole, who guess what, gets to come home next week! Woohoo! Got her some zippy-down-the-front tops that might be easy-in and comfy for the convalescent.

This afternoon I attended the wedding of the daughter of an old friend. I offered to come help take pics, and I did, but the groom's brother had a ***to-die-for*** Canon super-mega-super camera and had things well in hand. But I did get a few good shots in just for my own amusement. Lovely lovely bride. Will do some cropping and posting tomorrow probably.
Skipped wedding cake (made by the Bride's mom!) and came home for steak and a big glass of wine with the hoobie and we watched a DVR of the FA cup final (Chelsea vs. Everton). Although Everton scored a quick goal in the first minute, Chelsea went on to win 2-1, with the star player of the night being Frank Lampard of Chelsea. So yay team, if you support them. I was kinda rooting for Everton since we had actually driven past their stadium once upon a time.

Sunday brings a cousin's night dinner and who knows what else. More later. Cheers for now ya'll.
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TROLL Y2K said...

Looks like she's not suffering from "Lambert Withdrawl Syndrome".

Brit Gal Sarah said...

LMAO Troll, well you couldn't see my bright blue toenails now could you!

Pam, it was great to see you and grab a flying lunch, we both enjoyed it very much despite being sans John.

Diana UK said...

Hello Pam
What great news of your sister, I had only asked Sarah if she had heard from you - lovely to see your piccy of them - I haven't seen Sarah for months as her webcam isn't set up. I love the piccies of the cats - your Lewis reminds me of our cat Zoe - long gone now but Sarah will tell you about her. Glad you both enjoyed the footie - I too was rooting for Everton but Chelsea played so well. Hope the throat is better - take care - Diana xx