Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Evening Mellow

Last week of crazy busy at work.  Yay!  Human again next week.  Then it will be time to take on other battles.

Home from work tonight – hoobie is out planting some flowers:

P1120813 I take a trip around the neighborhood on my new toy.  One mile loop around the block is all I can do at this point, but have great hopes on building up some stamina.  Am really enjoying the first bike of my own since like, maybe 6th grade, and that wasn’t really MY bike, it was a hand-me-down from one of my brother’s friends (a gold Stingray with leopard banana seat and sissy bar).  Here’s my new just-for-me summer entertainment:

P1120748Then, it was time for the Dancing with the Stars show-down (I was rooting for Melissa but really think Shawn had her beat tonight) …. Gilles?  Still dreamy.  Who kept me company?  Sterling.  This is his bowl.  We just thought it would be a decorative table-scape.  Little did we know it would be adopted by this stay-at-home guy.

P1120774Then outside to see what John had gotten done in the way of container plants.  A few geraniums, some impatiens in the front flower bed, etc.  He had loads of help too.  The other two kids are loving it outside.  Sterling not so much.

P1120846Sally is loving the outdoors.  She doesn’t come home until after dark.  She’s a new kitty and even cuddles sometimes now.

Here’s John’s main help though.  He was an essential employee tonight.  But he is also King and here he is surveying the kingdom. 

Surveying the kingdomA beautiful, mellow, wonderful, relaxing evening.  And now I’m uploading photos in hopes that I don’t get addicted to watching The Bachelorette.  I want to be bike-riding this summer instead of glued to the tube.  Wish me luck!

Who’s the fraidy cat who won’t come outside?



Lizzie Bennett said...
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Boxer said...

I love the bike!!!!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Yummy! What a fine evein' y'all had--Sterling an' all.

Kudos to John fer them lovely flowers.

I likes your slideshow!! Dear family ya have thar' Pamokc.

Janet said...

Great photos Pam, I especially like the one of Sterling in his bowl.

Well done with the bike riding - I recently dusted mine off - though I fear it will soon be too hot for me.