Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Blooms

A few more flowers that we didn't know we'd have at the new house.

Why is that when you have been crazy busy, and finally get a chance to relax a bit, that's the time you get sick? That would be me today. Sore throat from nowhere came upon me.

Meanwhile, we have some good news on Sister Carole. There might be movement to another facility soon -- which means one step closer to going home! She is walking, talking and best of all, thinking with all her brain. She wants a day pass for a new hair cut and color. She is ready for cable TV and internet access. Thanks everyone for all the prayers and good wishes along this journey. And do those colon cleanses so this might not happen to you!!!! She didn't have cancer or a blockage but other colon issues. If things go wrong there, it is very toxic. She's a lucky lucky duck.
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Karen M said...

Don't you just love blooming surprises!

So great to hear your sis is improving that much.

Hope she gets her day pass, a good hair cut makes all of us better.

TROLL Y2K said...

So glad to hear that!

moi said...

Great news on your sis! Not so great on you. S.B. came home last Friday after 3 days on a job site in OKC with pneumonia. Wasn't getting any better and finally conceded to going to the doc. Had to call the guys on site to tell them he'd be a couple days late going back. Found out THEY'RE all sick. So be careful and take care of yourself.

pamokc said...

Karen, thanks for the nice words, and yes a good haircut makes us all happy!

Trolly: You are my favorite troll ever.

Moi: Hmmm interesting. Where is the jobsite? Seriously, I was thinking last night when I was up hacking that this felt like pneumonia. I blame all this rain!!

kmwthay said...

Hey - don't let whatever this is go too far until it becomes bronchial. Remember when I went through that stuff a few years ago? It isn't pleasant. Plus - we have some biking to do this weekend. (weather permitting)

Ree said...

So glad to hear about your sis getting better. My mom is hospitalized right now due to her celiac disease flaring...she's not in any danger, just very uncomfortable. Intestinal issues are not fun.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Wonderful news about Carole.

BTW did y'all here about the AI voting scandal with AT&T attending KA watch parties and showing them how to block text vote! Plus 39 million of the votes came from just 2.9 million Arkansas residents. Hmmmm now that's a little fishy!

See ya for lunch tomorrow :-)

Boxer said...

Wonderful news about your Sister! Anytime a woman is worried about her hair, you know she's feeling better. :-)

Google colon cleanses.... maybe not as good as a diet rich with fiber, etc.

Listen to Moi, rest this weekend and don't let your sore throat turn into anything that takes more precious time from doing things that Pam likes.

Have a great weekend.

chickory said...

great news about your sister! sorry bout that sore throat ive got a sure cure -its silver you kinda inhale and gargle it.

i dont recognize that flower!

pamokc said...

Okay, I must have dreamed that this flower was at the new house. I'm wrong. I went walking around looking for it. Not there. THe yellow flower two posts down is there in the flowerbeds, but not this one. I am mystified why I thought it was. Of course, the brain is tired! I think these must have been at work and I was just snap-happy!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and the good wishes for Sister Carole. Then wish for me to catch up on sleep1