Monday, May 04, 2009

NEW BOOK -- TWIST OF FAITH by Carolyn Stager

Carolyn Stager is a familiar face where I work and one of the charter members of The Clematis Club. She was severely injured in the May 3 tornado that is pictured below. Yes, it is that big black tornado cloud pictured in the Mute Monday below that went through my area of town and went on to injure Carolyn. She wrote a book about her ordeal and the launch was this past weekend. There is a book-signing today that I am going to, and I can't wait to read the whole story.
Twist of Faith -- A Tornado Survivor's Spiritual Journey to Recovery
by Carolyn Stager
"The mannequin's head was blood red, and her lips were white. She lay rigid and lifeless, slightly propped up on her back by a mass of shattered wood...
That must be a doll from one of the shop windows down the road.
Staring at the doll took Christi's mind off the pain in her own leg.
God only knows how it got here.
'Oh my God,' Christi whispered...
That can't be a mannequin.
Blood seeped from the doll's head...
Suddenly, Christi recognized the doll's face as her own mother's.
'Mom?' Fear filled Christi's voice. 'Mom?'

Life for Carolyn Stager, her daughter Christi, and their family is about to change. An ordinary spring day unleashes a monster that threatens to steal the very existence of those caught in the mayhem of the F-5 tornado of May 3, 1999. The storm's wind speeds are the fastest ever recorded on earth, flattening cities in central Oklahoma and taking the lives of many. Carolyn and Christi heed the warning call, finding shelter in the only place near—the closet. What happens next is a living nightmare. Christi is six months pregnant, Carolyn's son is nowhere to be found, and the storm is upon them. A lost child, a scalped head that will take more than one-hundred surgeries and procedures to repair, and a family torn apart all happens in the twinkling of an eye. A whirlwind of destruction comes like a thief in the night and stays for a decade, attempting to twist the faith of the survivors."

368 pages - $19.99 (paperback)


Boxer said...

I will never complain about the rain in my part of the country... again.

Riveting. I think I may have to buy a copy. Thanks for this.

K9 said...

thanks for the good wishes pamokc.

pamokc said...

Boxer: I started reading this book over my lunch hour and have been close to tears so had to put it down! So far very interesting first person account of that awful tornado. The only tornado I have ever been close to being in ... was the deadliest one in recent history. Ten years ago already, hard to imagine.

K9: I hope your doggy is better!