Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oral Roberts

The original tele-evangelist, Oral Roberts, appeared up at the office today. He was being recognized for his lifetime achievements and dedication to Oklahoma. Love him or hate him, he's an important figure around here. My grandpa did some work on the air conditioners at his university back in the 60's and was mighty impressed with those giant praying hands on the campus of ORU up there in T-town.

Meanwhile, you could have heard a pin drop in the chamber today while he was talking. Usually, the members mingle, shake hands, make deals, tell jokes ... anything but sit at their desks. Today, they were as attentive as school kids and very well behaved.

The message of the day was this, and I'm not exactly an Oral Roberts fan, but I liked the gist of this -- he went on about how when he retired, he made way for his successor to take over for him, as we are instructed to do. But then went on about how the university became in debt and another family stepped and helped them. And how sometimes, who you think is going to be your successor isn't your successor after all. Someone else is.

I need time to think on that. :)
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kmwthay said...

Mummy... I heart you. Me sleepy. But can't sleep. It's getting old.

pamokc said...

I've been thinking about this. Stay off computer late at night. Jumping from website to website can't be good ... get a good book nad a hot toddy and be still; quiet; peaceful with your mind.

pamokc said...
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kmwthay said...

I just use my phone for online these days. Its like the world in you pocket. Not like an ear in your pocket. I have been doing sudoku. It helps make me tired. But when I go lay down I just can't get to sleep. Maybe a hot toddy is the missing link.

TROLL Y2K said...

I think Oral Senior was (is) a good man basically. Didn't know he was still alive.

pamokc said...

Troll, he is in his 90's and pretty frail. But he was fine while sitting, and rose to his feet to speak to the crowd.

Milk River Madman said...


I like the what he had to say. I think we can all look at instances where the "sucessor" did not "succeed". Heck at times it's probably been all of us.

Boxer said...

Hot bath, regular workouts (calms the body and the soul) and I take an herbal "knock out".

Not a fan of Oral Roberts, but I am a fan of anyone who has spent that much time on the planet and still wants to make it a better place.

Have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day. Your comments to your daughter are a testimony to your relationship. :-)