Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vague Obsession: Jon & Kate + 8

Okay, so I have watched this show off and on for a while. My first time to see it showed all six babies in their cribs, old enough to stand up, and one of them had a really blown-out diaper (all moms know what I'm talking about), she picks up the kid and at arm length (as all moms know what I'm talking about), but she says "I've never had to change a diaper like this before". That's when I knew -- first episode I watched some time ago -- that this mom had not a clue. She had a set of twins and now sextuplets, and the younger kids are old enough to be STANDING in their crib, and yet she hadn't changed a blown-out diaper before?

So off and on I have watched this show vaguely amused and appalled with Kate and her behavior. So now the family is having some problems (not surprisingly) and I've turned into a googler of all gossip related to this show. How sick am I?

But: Here is the best link I found that explains the situation.
Be sure to read the bit about Kate's hair. LOL LOL OLOLOL GRHAHAHAHHA
Then try this site which is supposedly Aunt Jodi's blog:
Ahem. Must read this one further!!!
My bad. I know it!

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Brit Gal Sarah said...

I'm afraid I just don't do shows like this, all these types of people are about is self agrandisement (spelling?) and huge ego's. So not been there and as you know babies are just not a big interest area of mine LOL!