Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Winner is ...

Congrats to Kris -- he's mostly my pick of the final two.
Not that I don't think Adam isn't talented - he is crazy talented.
I'm just your more mellow guy with a guitar kind of gal.
Can't wait to see what these two do next.
No mouthwash for GG. :)
But am sure my friend Sarah is heartbroken!!! :(
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Boxer said...

I'm actually ok. Now Adam won't be haunted by having that krap song as his first single. Plus, as I've said many times... Kris is a musician and Adam is an entertainer. I'm happy for them both.

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome star-studded finale. I was so impressed with Adam's grace in receiving 2nd place. He will certainly be a huge star still. Loved Kris's performance with Keith. Can't fault Adam's performance with Kiss except I'm not into either of them, especially the battle of the tongues - gag me! Yeah for mainstream America showing up for Kris! Hope he has a happy and successful career and life with his sweet little wife. GG

moi said...

Ja. I'm okay with it, too. And I loved that the show had some bat scheisse crazy moments, too. Tatiana anyone? Hah!

pamokc said...

Everyone: I agree. And hope that Adam has lots of success ala Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. He is definitely star material.

Boxer has it right about entertainer vs. musician.

G.G. is evidently not into tongues hanging out of mouths during musical performances (and I'm not sure I blame her). Of course Kiss is great but the make up is because those guys are butt-ugly.

Moi: OMG! I totally loved the Tatiana moment. I know it was set up for her to be doing what she did, and she did it great, but it was lost on the audience because ... RYAN was crap at the set-up. How much do we love NORMAN GENTLE though? I heart him.

OOOOOH! And can we talk about Kara and Bikini Girl ... dumb-as-box-of-rox girl didn't take it well that her moment to shine was taken over .... which was a hoot, BUT can Kara not stand up straight? What is with that? She was hunched over singing that song like a gargoyle from Notre Dame. Is she so anorexic that her bones are starting to implode???

TROLL Y2K said...

Didn't I predict a Kris/Adam finale with Kris winning months ago? Too lazy to check archives, but I think I did.

Anyhay, aside from the SNARK here, I found AI to be a time-waster this year.

pamokc said...

Troll, you did indeed and I will check the archives later today for just such a fact. I gave you credit on the previous post last night about picking Kris out as a genuine talent. He was under my radar all year.

I never think AI is a waste of time, but that's my problem. I need a life!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

No I'm not heartbroken and agree with Boxer that it may actually be a good thing for Adam not to be as tied to the AI machine.

But the Hubster and I are just both jaded with the AI voting system. It needs overhauling radically and voting limited ala DWTS to stop all the tweens texting into oblivion! There was one guy who was not a Kris fan, but an admitted Adam hater, who was also a phone techie and had set-up 35 lines to vote 1400 times every ten minutes. That's ridiculous and needs to be stopped.

Just trawling the Press today, general opinion seems agreed that AI has become more of a popularity than a talent contest this year.

We liked Kris, but with the best will in the world he is NOT an IDOL! Even the first words out of his mouth were "This is really Adam's", but ultimately they are both winners. It's just sad the 'real' Idol didn't win!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh and one more thing the Hubster and I noted, Kris' wife did not seem ecstatic. Now maybe it was shock but maybe it was also an "Oh Shit", c'os she is about to become a single mom knowing thousand of girls are after her sweet husband. We almost felt sorry for her!

pamokc said...

I found Troll's posting where he endorses Kris for AI winner way back on April 1. Posted it below. Now, for me, Kris was flying under the radar and now that I'm looking back it is because I had been rooting for my gal Allison. Looking back on past comments, Kris did have lots of good input from you guys, so make of that what you will.

Here's Troll's post on April 1:


It's official. I've done some research and am endorsing Kris Allen for AI winner.

Based on what I'd seen on the show, I agreed with what y'all said about nobody having "star power" and that none of them could sell records. But that's all singing OTHER people's songs with arrangements probably done by this year's experimental "mentors".

I think the reason they never profiled Kris is that his background and influences are quite similar to Danny Gokeys. But my research shows he's a better musician, better singer, and writes HIS OWN music.

So, he might wind up being an AI winner who sells records like Carrie Underwood.

Do your own research and see what you think.

Here's a crap video but a pretty darned good song that Kris wrote and composed WITHOUT the "help" of the AI ghey "mentors".

There's a Kris arranged version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and some Kris singing and playing at his Church stuff online, as well.

April 1, 2009 12:26 PM

pamokc said...

Sarah: Glad to hear from you! I agree totally about the voting and am quite jaded with that as well. It is totally skewed. Even you yourself admitted to voting non-stop for an hour. One outgoing phone number should receive one vote, end of story, and surely there is software to figure this out. Same goes with texting. Surely there is some way to limit these numbers. I agree with you totally and was going to do a post about it. John was going on about the number of votes being bigger than the population of England, but I reminded him that loads of people are voting hundreds of times.

Adam is going straight to Broadway and will be a main headliner and will be winning Tony awards by next year. Then to movies where he will win an Oscar probably.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Pam to be honest if they don't do something about the voting I think they'll lose Simon. It was very obvious he was not overjoyed last night. This result has just left us jaded with the whole show!

Entirely disagree about broadway though, he is way bigger than that and will have an iconic music career. A friend emailed me last night about an interview Simon did there, saying Adam will be launched in Europe first to get around the year limitation on the runner-up here and then he'll return here already a huge star! That boy is about to go very far indeed.

TROLL Y2K said...

Aha! Thanks much for finding my comment from April First and confirming my jeenyes status.

I still do think the original song by Kris that I found on the inner-webs showed that he COULD, with hard work, be an accomplished singer-songwriter-musician someday.

Unfortunately, I believe he's contracturally-obligated to make the kind of album that AI wants. I.E. meaningless poptart crap with artificially-produced vocal trickery. Stuff designed to sell CDS to the dimmest of 12 year old girls and get him on the covers of creepy tweener magazines.

Lastly, I agree with EVERYONE about that horrific song Kara "wrote" to be the show's theme or whatever. GAG!~

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Troll - ah yes but there you have it, after all they voted him the winner, so they'll love it even if the rest of us don't. And let's face it ultimately this is all about lining other peoples already wealthy pockets!

pamokc said...

Yes, re the Kara song .... being co-author of that song is reason enough to ban her from American Idol for life. It was god-awful. Not the tune. The LYRICS. Isn't that her part???

Boxer said...

funny, for a guy who doesn't like Idol, Troll seems to like Idol.


He'll be back.

Me? I've watched every single show since day one. I love it. It's everything good (and bad) about our culture and this culture. And that includes the whacked voting. (I agree with you Sarah.)

moi said...

Idol snark without Troll participating is just . . . nark. In other words, No Fun.

pamokc said...

Boxer, I'm with you. I caught episode one, season one, by accident and it has been a love affair ever since. Living with my own snarky British guy, even I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming out of Simon's mouth .. although he talks just like any of John's friends back in UK would talk. *sigh* .. I hope all settles down with the show, Kara goes away, Simon remembers what made him a star, and the show goes on ....

Moi, yes indeed, Trolly is the "S" in snark, capitalized. The first letter of the word.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pam - I've been out of town, (yes, I missed Sine Di for the first time in 19 Sessions) but I'll be back at work tomorrow (Thurs). I have a surprise for you! - GG