Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Cough Medicine

My friend KJ lost her mom lost week and the funeral was on Tuesday. I talked to her today and she is holding up fairly well. This is a tight tight family with lots of love between everyone, so I have high hopes of them making it through this tough time. Peace be with you all, and rest in peace to Joy. And lots of love and healing prayers to dad too. It's funny, we took these photos last year because her husband wasn't doing so well with his diabetes, etc., and then it turns out that the photos of KJ's mom turned out to be the ones most ... heartfelt? most unexpected? most needed but unknown at the time?

Other news:

Picked up the cough syrup from the doc today. Then I swallowed a tablespoon of it. Then I lost about 4.5 hours of my life due to the "drowsy" factor. So not much from me today, or this week, or last week, but one day I will have kicked this crud. Moi's other half was in OKC and came down with it too ... so must be something nasty going around. Stay away from me, stay far away!

So here's a daisy pic from earlier in the week because I got nothing else.
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chickory said...

so sorry about your friends loss. and sorry too about your terrible bug. please feel better soon. and ask you limey husband if somebody were to illustrate a pod of english pea girls -what distinctively british thing might they say? it would be on a pot of english pea seedlings. make sense? oh never mind. you get well!

pamokc said...

OOOOH, chickory, let me think on that a bit.... And I can ask my London Niece to see what is current, hip and happening!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Boy I am stumped by Chicorys request, I'll give it some thought

Boxer said...

Rest and relax, Pam. I'm sorry you're needing cough syrup. Mr. Boxer came home 'fussin tonight and I told him to drink bourbon. Is that bad?

It's nice you were able to capture her parents during better times. It's why what you do (taking pictures) is so lovely.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh dear--really saddened by the news that yore friend lost her Mama.

Hope ya mend quickly.

I'd make ya a cup of mint tea wif honey.

moi said...

Aw, Pam, sorry for your friend's loss. And to hear that you're still not better. It's a tough bug, so take care of yourself. And if you do the Tag, let me know so I can drop by!