Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cousin’s Night

Another cousin’s night last night, again going to see Cousin Roger and his band play.  He’s the cool drummer guy of 13 Seeds.  Plus some good German food at the Royal Bavaria beer garden way on down south … almost to Norman town.


13 seeds-1

The Band – 13 Seeds  -- Note to Pam:  Learn how to compensate for that backlight with the camera, OK?


13 seeds-14

Cousin Roger 


13 seeds-37

13 seeds-26

The band sounded great in the outdoor venue … they play indie style rock, original music, but one or two covers that I recognized.  This guy is married to this girl, and they both do the singing.  Can’t recall their names right now.


13 seeds-5

Cousin Phil


13 seeds-6

Phil’s wife Nancy


13 seeds-8

Roger’s wife Kathi, and I didn’t get a pic of her sister Karen … who knew my brother Steve (this fact was unknown to me until last night) … they used to work together at the hospital.  *sob*  Got a little tear-y eyed over that, unexpectedly!  Steve died from a sudden heart attack back in 1995, at age 42.


13 seeds-9

Cousin Dave


13 seeds-46

Dave and Uncle Ted.  Dave had him out since wife Donna wasn’t feeling great and didn’t come out.  Everyone is keeping Uncle Ted entertained now that Aunt C-Mae has passed away.


13 seeds-47

Newlyweds Brooke & Kevin.


John, as always, dresses the part … this time in the Hoffbrauhaus tee-shirt from a previous trip to Germany.


A fun night was had by all!


TROLL Y2K said...

Looks like it's hot as Hades there too. 111 heat-index today!

pamokc said...

Troll, we're not quite that hot and hopefully we won't get quite that bad either ... 111 is gawd-awful, hopeyou are staying cool, like the cool troll you are.

Boxer said...

I love it when family members are also friends. I'm having dinner tomorrow night with a group made up of 100% family (siblings, cousins) and it's always something I look forward to. Nice to see you out having some fun.

Milk River Madman said...


Looks like a lot of fun. Indie rock and beer is a perfect combo.

pamokc said...

Boxer: Thanks! Yes our family tries to do these get togethers more often now that the older folks are passing on .... keeps us connected.

MilkRiver: Thanks, am sure it is a pass-time that you enjoy as well!