Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

Unexpectedly, I have it ... Empty Nest Syndrome. The baby birds have all flown the nest and haven't been back in two days. I keep looking out the window for them, but I guess they have moved on with their lives. **Sigh** I enjoyed this little glimpse of nature up close and personal via my front porch. Britgal Sarah laughed at me when I said we lived in the country now, but it sure feels like it. They came to cut the lots behind us and rolled up some hay bales ... so we had those big round bales just outside of our backyard for a few days. Birdies on the porch. And I crossed paths with a BIG BIG ole' skunk the other morning when I was out walking the neighborhood. John's going to take the nest down this weekend and clean up the poopie mess on the front porch left behind. I wonder if they ever come back to the nest or just keep building new ones???

Other stuff: Not sure when, if ever, I will catch up to the hoobie on the bike riding front. I am up to a big figure 8 through the neighborhood, which includes two hills. Well, hills for Oklahoma. Others might laugh at that also. BUT, he is out doing 5 miles easily twice a day. I'm at 1.5 miles 2x day. I think he will always be 4 miles more capable than me. Ha.

More other stuff: Am glad Rick Bayless went through on Top Chef Masters. He's the local fave and grew up here in OKC. His parents had a BBQ restaurant we ate at some when I was a kid. However, how HOT was that French chef? Only totally. But totally a screwball and messed up too much to go forward.

More more other stuff: A couple of potential photo jobs soon ... scouting locations that will work with bright Oklahoma sun and hot hot hot days. They want green and summery backgrounds. Ack!

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